Our team can make ANYTHING!
Balloon Delivery is FREE when you add-on to a party package!

Free delivery in Oakland.
Add $1/mile each way plus tolls elsewhere.
Delivery-only orders require a $250 minimum.

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Custom Caricatures - $100 and up
Send us a photo. We'll make it happen!

Helium Balloons - ($25/dozen)
Pick any combination of colors and divide your balloons into smaller bunches for table decorations and centerpieces at no additional cost.

Balloon Flower Bouquets - ($25/half dozen)
Each flower is unique and handmade, and unlike cut flowers, our balloon flowers can last fully-inflated for MONTHS, just like new (additional fee applies).

Helium Balloon Arches - ($12 and up per foot)
To estimate the length you need, add the span of the arch in feet plus twice the height in feet. (For example, an 8-foot height and 10 foot width will be 26 feet)

Balloon Columns ($12 and up per foot)
Great for entrance ways and centerpieces, and available in any number of colors.

Balloon Palm Trees - ($12/foot)
Great for jungle themes, tiki parties, and luaus!  They can be as tall as you want!

Balloon Drops ($800 and up, setup included)
Have a shower of balloons fall from overhead at just the right moment!
500 11" balloon drop $800, $500 each additional 500 balloons.