Are you available for my party?
The best way to find out is to click Book Now and submit the form!

Do you come with everything you need?
Yes!  Everything we need for our balloons, bubbles, and face painting is included!

Our theme is tiger-princess mermaids.  Can you make one of those?  
We can make ANYTHING!  Just keep in mind that our goal is to entertain your kids and guests so everyone can enjoy the party, and sometimes (most times, actually), kids have their own ideas in mind.  We like to encourage their creativity!

Can you dress up as a character?
Nope!  We're not into the scary person in a costume thing.  We stick to what we're best at!

How do I confirm my reservation?
Reservations are confirmed via a deposit that's made via PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account, only a credit card.  Once your deposit clears your balance is due at the event.

Do you take credit cards or checks?  
We only take credit cards for reservation deposits via PayPal.  Your balance is due in CASH at the event.  If you prefer to pay your balance by check or credit card, you will be assessed a 10% processing fee.  

Do you travel?  
Yes!  Keep in mind that there is a travel fee if your event is located outside of Oakland.  The travel fee is $1 per mile each way to/from the event.  We use Google Maps to figure this out, rounded to the nearest $5.

Are there any additional fees? 
Our only additional fee is the travel fee (see "Do you travel" above), which only applies if your event is outside of Oakland.  

Where'd you learn to make balloons?
We didn't learn from the Aztecs, but from other, more modern artists.  It takes lots and LOTS of practice to get this good.